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Use Your SHOPPING CART to store your pictures whether you want to purchase them or not. They will remain there even after you log off which allows you to view them whenever you log in. You can use this feature to track your pictures.
You can also create additional user IDs which may also help you to sort and track your pictures.

When viewing an event with multiple heats, navigate through the pictures 15 at a time until you find the desired heat. We try to take pictures of each swimmer while they are on the blocks which hopefully will make it easier for you to find the desired heat.

Once you find the desired heat, click on the first picture in that heat to zoom into it. From the page iwth a single picture, click on the NEXT (picture) link at the top of the page to go from picture to picture which allows you to view them larger than the small thumbnails.   Technical Computer Services, Inc. Phone (313)563-4890 Home Help Tips E-Mail: