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How to Order a Collage

Any pictures that we have taken can be included on the collage.
We design a custom template for each collage based on the number and type of pictures selected.
Picture sizes will vary and be digitally enhanced, cropped, fitted, and sized to the frame in the collage template.

Select an image that you would like on the collage
Using the Select Size pulldown select the size of the collage using the first picture (e.g. ONE 18"x24" Collage (includes images)

Do the following for those items you would like to have on the collage
Selecting the same picture choose "Team Logo on Collage"
Selecting the same picture choose "Event Logo"
Selecting the same picture choose "Collage Text"
(use the order comments to specify the text information you would like on the collage)

Select the additional pictures you want on the collage using "Additional Collage Picture"

Number of pictures on the collage

You can choose whatever number of pictures that you want.
The more that you choose the smaller the average size will be.
As a rough guideline we recommend the following: 12"x18" (6 to 15 pictures) 18"x24" (10 to 20 pictures) 24"x36" (15 to 30 pictures) 36"x48" (20 to 40 pictures)